Food Ingredients

Your big-picture supply partner

Our food ingredients team has visibility to our entire supply chain. That visibility and insight mean that our customers can make better, more informed decisions at every turn. We’re here to connect our customers with food grade, organic, identity-preserved or non-GMO, high-quality and safe ingredients from our trusted producer network.

The Scoular difference:

Supply chain expertise

We have dedicated business units that specialize in managing domestic and international logistics, plus world-class quality and regulatory programs.

In-demand products

We offer a broad portfolio of on-trend and market-ready, non-GMO, organic and identity-preserved ingredients. We're always seeking new partners with innovative ingredients to expand our portfolio.

Customer focus

Our goal is to be a strategic partner for our customers. We have a variety of supply chain disciplines, so you're not just getting the best of our sourcing capabilities; you're accessing our entire suite of solutions.

Granola bars

End-to-end supply chain solutions

Farmer origination

We tap into our established network of farmers and ingredient manufacturers to source quality ingredients our customers can trust.

Processor origination

We offer primary processing capabilities, including cleaning, optical sorting, splitting and milling at many of our Scoular-owned locations.

Buying and selling

Our food manufacturing partners rely on us to contract with primary processors to supply high-demand, on-spec ingredients and other high nutritional value products.


Throughout the supply chain, we ship via rail, barge, bulk container and freight using our international documentation and quality verification process. Shipments are supported by our strengths in optimizing all transportation logistics, ensuring on-time and on-spec deliveries.

Food safety, product quality and regulatory affairs

At Scoular, it’s everyone’s responsibility to monitor food safety. Our food safety experts closely monitor government regulations and changing food safety requirements to ensure that we’re always in compliance. We aim to exceed safety standards, not just meet them.

Our food ingredients business is helping define what's possible for the industry

Clean label

We are one of the largest providers of organic storage and handling facilities in the marketplace. We also own one of the most sophisticated food processing soybean plants in North America. When it comes to clean labels trends, we’re at the forefront of the market with identity-preserved grains.


Our visibility into the broader supply chain helps us make smarter choices when it comes to utilizing by-products and excess in new ways. We also address sustainable practices by complying with ethics and labor laws, as well as environmental regulations.


Products can be traced forward and backward, maintaining full traceability. For identity-preserved crops, we follow the growing and handling process from start to finish to ensure ingredients maintain their identity-preserved status.

On-trend solutions

We’re ready to meet the changing demands of our customers. We also specialize in plant-based, non-GMO and organic supply chains.

Customer story

Ingredients insights help food manufacturer develop their marketing story

One of the greatest benefits of working with a partner of our scope is the opportunity to leverage our relationships across the supply chain. 

When our customer wanted to learn more about the growing process for the yellow Canadian peas used to make the textured pea protein in their alternative meat product, we helped them gather firsthand insights.

We were able to introduce our customer to a farmer in our network via Zoom for a Q&A and provide pictures of the farm for the customer to use in their marketing story.

The knowledge and transparency of our supply chain enabled the customer to learn more about the entire process–from pea to textured pea protein.