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We bring high-quality food and supplement ingredients direct from nature to leading health supplement and food manufacturers. We minimize supply-chain risk for our customers through a quality, sustainable supply, as well as transparency in sourcing. Our focus is on supporting innovation in the nutritional community by ensuring the highest quality and a consistent supply of our non-GMO, traceable and cGMP-certified botanical extracts, proteins, sweeteners and marine omega-3 ingredients.

Fats & Oils

Our oils are derived from fresh ingredients for use in food manufacturing and supplements.

Fibers & Hydrocolloids

We offer a wide variety of food-grade fibers to aid in the absorption of nutrients.

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Food-Grade Seeds

Our Food-Grade Seeds include several flaxseed and sunflower kernel options, all of which are versatile and healthy ingredients that can be incorporated in a variety of applications.

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Sweeteners & Starches

Our sweeteners and starches are single-sourced with full traceability from raw grain to final product.


We offer a variety of complete proteins to help your food formulations meet nutritional needs.

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