Wild Birdseed

About our wild birdseed products

We offer a wide variety of birdseed products, including identity-preserved, organic and non-GMO options, for feeding wild and domesticated birds, as well as for ingredients in human food manufacturing. If you have a different need, let us know. We’d be happy to help you find a solution.

Bird Food Blends

Birds eating a blend

Bird food blends are the easiest and most cost-effective way to attract a wide variety of birds to backyard feeders. We can blend any combination of seed ingredients to produce the ideal mixture for your wild birdseed needs.

Bird Seeds

Black oil sunflower seeds

Black Oil Seed

Black oil sunflower seeds have a thinner shell, are meatier than striped seeds and have a higher oil content, which gives birds more nutrients and calories.

Canary seeds

Canary Seed

Canary seed comes from canary grass. It can be fed alone or used in mixes and blends. Recently, it has been approved for human consumption in Canada and the United States. It is high in protein and tryptophan and is gluten-free. We offer both yellow and brown hairless canary seed.

Canola seeds

Canola Seed

Canola seed, also known as rapeseed, is often used to make canola oil but is also used as a birdseed, either fed alone or mixed in a blend. Canola is ideal for small birds, including finches, canaries and quail.

Cracked Corn

Cracked Corn

Cracked corn is broken pieces of corn used as wild bird feed and is fed alone or often in birdseed blends and mixes. It is a favorite for doves, sparrows, juncos and northern bobwhites.

Flax seeds


Flaxseed, or linseed, comes from the flax plant and can be used to feed birds as a standalone feed but is more often used to mix in blends with other seeds.

Red Millet seeds

Red Millet

Red millet is a grass seed used in many bird feed blends, mostly for winter mixes.

White Millet seeds

White Millet

White millet is a grass seed used in many bird feed blends, usually in winter mixes. White millet is a preferred millet for birds over red.

Red Milo

Red Milo

Red milo, also known as sorghum, is a reddish round seed and is used in birdseed blends and mixes. It is a favorite for doves, wild turkeys and pheasants.

peanuts in shell

In-Shell Peanuts

In-shell peanuts are high in protein and fat and are used in bird feed blends and mixes. They are a favorite of woodpeckers, nuthatches and jays.

Peanut pieces

Peanut Pieces

Peanut pieces give you the same protein and fat as in-shell peanuts without the waste of a shell. Used in birdseed blends and mixes, peanut pieces attract woodpeckers, nuthatches and jays.

Nyjer seeds

Nyjer Seed

Nyjer seed is from the niger plant. It's a popular seed for finches, sparrows, doves and buntings. It is fed alone or in bird feed blends and mixes.

Oat groats


Whole oat groats are used in bird feed blends and mixes.

Safflower seeds

Safflower Seed

Safflower seed is a bitter seed used as a stand-alone feed or often mixed in birdseed blends. It is a favorite of cardinals and grosbeaks but deters nuisance birds such as grackles as well as squirrels.

Sunflower seeds

Sunflower Seeds & Chips

We have many options for sunflower seeds, including in-shell and coarse, medium and fine chips.

Emerald Farms

Emerald Farms Wild Bird Food

Emerald Farms is our brand of shelf-ready wild birdseed products and custom, private label services. Enjoy high quality ingredients and blends all year long, supported by supply chain expertise and strong grower relationships.

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