Distillers Grain

About our distillers grains

The grain coproducts from breweries, distilleries and bioethanol production are nutrient-rich and high-protein options for livestock and poultry feed supplements. Scoular has consistent access to a variety of distilling and spent grains, including both wet and dry distillers grain, brewers grain and distillery spent grain. If you have a different need, let us know. We’d be happy to help you find a solution.

Dried Distillers Grain (DDGS)

Scoular offers both corn DDGS (a coproduct of dry-milled ethanol production) and wheat DDGS (a coproduct of the distillation of alcohol and ethanol from wheat grain) as nutrient-rich ingredients for animal feed.

Wet Distillers Grain (WDGS)

A coproduct of ethanol production, WDGS, or wetcake, is a palatable feed ingredient suitable for local market livestock feed additive needs.

Brewers Grain

Brewers spent grains (BSGs), available wet or dry, are the byproduct of cereal grains (such as barley) from beer and malt product production. BSGs from brewing waste are a high-protein and high-fiber supplement for livestock and poultry feed.

Distillery Spent Grain

Distillery spent grains (primarily from corn, wheat and rye) are a coproduct of the distilling process in the spirits industry. Rich in protein, they are a suitable ingredient for animal feed.

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