From lickable spoons to doggy dental care,
four pet food trends in 2025

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Kate Wadman

Customer Marketing Manager

May 17, 2024

Purchasing pet food is no longer simply a matter of convenience or cost. Pet owners increasingly are looking for high-quality, nutritious and sustainable products that meet their pets’ needs and preferences. As a result, pet food manufacturers are constantly innovating and adapting.  

Scoular’s pet food team participated in two major industry events earlier this year: Global Pet Expo and Petfood Forum. We took note of the displays and attended education sessions to highlight our top four intriguing pet food trends.


The humanization of our pets is a longtime trend impacting ingredients. This year, the trend moved into hyperdrive, which reflects the growing bond between pets and their owners. People consider pets as part of the family and want to share their lifestyle and values with them.

What we saw:

  • Meal subscriptions a la Butcher Box, familiar brand riffs like Hoggin Dogs Ice Cream Mix, and treats that look and taste like human classics such as cheeseburgers, grilled chicken wings and campfire s’mores.
  • New formats such as lickable spoons and squeezable treats with messaging of a “shared moment” and “bonding.”
  • Overall messaging around nourishment in relation to “sharing a life” and “have an adventure” with your pet. Examples include Holiday Advent treat calendars and Thanksgiving dinner meal offerings.
Sustainability in the pet food industry

Humanization of pets is a longtime trend impacting ingredients.


Pet owners seek products that address specific health issues or life stages. This functionality trend reflects the growing awareness of preventive care and personalized nutrition for pets, whose needs may depend on their age, breed, size, activity level and health.

What we saw:

  • Collagen in many products with the goal of improving functionality. Other popular ingredients were honey, turmeric, coconut, green crab, goat milk, purple sweet potato and passionflower.
  • Products addressing mainstay health topics like weight management, joint health, skin and coat, digestion and cognitive function.
  • Products addressing growing concerns such as hydration, heart and eyes, and energy and vitality.
  • Oral health products, such as supplements and dental treats.
  • Mood-related care to create “happy” or “harmony” environments.


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Pet owners seek products that personalize nutrition for their pets.

Sustainability Plus

We’re bucketing our third trend as “sustainability plus.” Sustainability — environmental, economic, and social impact — is nothing new to the industry. But pet owners are becoming more educated about pet food labels and claims, and they want to verify product authenticity, credibility, and give-back or cause-related associations.

What we saw:

  • Human-grade and ethically sourced products that guarantee the quality and welfare of the ingredients.
  • Products focused on waste reduction or upcycled products like fish skins and pig ears.
  • Brands supporting causes such as Purina’s Service Dog Salute Program or GivePet’s shelter donation commitment. The pet food shows even had active pet adoption and food donation programs on the floor.

Pet owners are becoming more educated about pet food labels and claims.


Pet food manufacturers are using new and advanced technologies and methods to create, process and deliver products. This trend reflects the growing competition and innovation to offer customers more variety, convenience and customization.

What we saw:

  • Manufacturing processes that preserve the ingredients’ nutrients and freshness, such as freeze-dried, air-dried, steam-dried and cold-pressed.
  • Biotechnology that creates novel and personalized products based on the pet’s DNA, breed and preferences.
  • E-commerce and subscription services that deliver the products to your doorstep.

Pet food is a dynamic and complex sector that requires constant innovation.

Pet food is a dynamic and complex sector that requires constant innovation. These trends offer new opportunities and challenges for both the consumers and the producers of pet food, who need to balance the needs and wants of their pets with the realities and limitations of the market and the environment.

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