Barley MVP Producer Program

Get more out of your acres.

Barley MVP™ gives you the resources to grow a better crop for a new market—with no drastic changes to your rotation. With Barley MVP program partnership, you’ll be given access to top yielding varieties, as developed by the University of Idaho, University of Utah, and other leading commercial barley breeders. You benefit from the support and partnership of Scoular—and a secure contract.


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Top yielding seed varieties

You get access to select, high-quality seed varieties.

Market access

Barley can be used in a variety of products for a broad range of markets around the world—and Scoular has access to them all.

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Balanced risk management tools

Lock in your margin today for the next year's harvest, and benefit from our risk management tools.

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Competitive cost

Barley has a relatively low cost input and is price competitive against wheat. So, your initial investment is lower and your potential profit margin is competitive, if not higher.

Stable & experienced partner

Scoular has been in the grain business for over 125 years. We have the financial strength to support the ongoing health of your farming operation.


Giving producers more freedom

Larry Hollifield’s agricultural roots run deep in Idaho. He grew up on an Idaho family farm and has been farming 5,000 acres for two decades near Hansen in the state’s southern region, growing barley, corn, wheat and other crops. In 2020, he took what he says was a smart step in his farming business. He began participating in Scoular’s Barley MVP program.

While Idaho is the top-producing barley state, only a small percentage of the barley grown in Idaho finds its way into the fast-growing feed, food, and processing sectors. By participating in Barley MVP, farmers like Hollifield can help to meet this demand by incorporating barley into their crop rotation.

Hollifield said he joined the program to diversify his crops and give him new options in the marketplace. “It gives you a lot more freedom,” he said.

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