Scoular announces new producer team to support farmers

OMAHA, Nebraska (Sept. 21, 2022) – A new Scoular team will help producers capitalize on opportunities and navigate challenges as the demands of production agriculture evolve and technology increasingly influences the industry. 

Led by Enterprise Director of Origination Melissa Norem, Scoular’s new producer origination team is building on the company’s long-standing farmer relationships and industry expertise. The 130-year-old Scoular has more than 100 locations across the globe and operates a Midwestern grain handling network that includes more than 50 facilities in Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, Colorado and Nebraska. The company continually has invested in technology and facilities to create efficiencies for farmers. 

“Technology and innovation are changing the world, as well as agriculture. As part of this change, Scoular has continually improved the customer experience as we work with farmers and farming communities,” Norem said. “This new team is the tip of that spear. We all win when farmers and their communities grow and thrive.” 

The new producer origination team will: 

  • Mobilize a team of origination personnel across Scoular to work with the company’s facility originators to create a consistent experience for all Scoular producers.  
  • Create a new grower roundtable to explore how Scoular can enhance farmer relationships. 
  • Define innovative solutions to emerging farm management challenges such as risk management and technology initiatives.   
  • Build and promote Scoular’s marketing tools and other farmer services.  


The team consists of: 

 Jordan Flynn manages design and build of Scoular’s producer risk management program.  He will work with Scoular’s facility network to bring farmers marketing ideas. Prior to joining Scoular, Flynn worked in various areas of ag including producer risk management, carbon program development and alternative fertilizer markets.    

Tara Olson leads producer outreach. Olson is supporting farmer appreciation meetings, connecting with farmers on social media and advancing Scoular’s reputation within Scoular’s communities. Prior to joining the team, Olson worked for Scoular’s brand marketing and corporate communications team and led the launch of Scoular’s brand refresh. 

Jack Vincent leads origination technology development and enablement, working closely with the origination teams and farmers. Vincent’s prior roles in the ag industry include cross-country trading, facility management and risk analysis.  

 “This team is passionate about agriculture and will help to solve the challenges and define the opportunities that our farmers face,” Norem said. “Scoular is proud of our 130-year history of serving our farmers and promoting the communities we work and live in, and this new team will build upon that legacy.” 


About Scoular 

Scoular is an employee-owned, over $9B agribusiness leading the way since 1892. We buy, sell, store, handle and process grain and ingredients by leveraging our global networks and expertise in international trade and transportation. Employing 1,400 people in more than 100 offices and facilities in North America and Asia, we provide safe and reliable solutions to farmers, grain processors, renewable energy producers and manufacturers of animal feed, aquafeed and pet food as well as food, beverages and supplements. Scoular is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska. 


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