Scoular trucking partner shifted from driving to running her own company

The family behind Sedona Trucking, a Scoular partner

Sept. 17, 2021

Jody Crouch first slid behind the wheel of semi tractor-trailer as a teenager driving a rig on the farm in Kansas.

Fast forward to today and Jody is not only an experienced driver, but she owns a Kansas-based trucking company with her husband and is a great Scoular trucking partner.

Scoular is pleased to highlight Jody during National Truck Driver Appreciation Week because of her great work for Scoular and loyalty to our company.

A reliable trucking partner for Scoular

Her company, Sedona Trucking, is a reliable, flexible and consistent partner for Scoular. Sedona has been a top carrier for Scoular.

Sedona has been a partner with Scoular for about 14 years.

Sedona has also done a great job testing out the Roger App, which is a new invoicing system that provides carriers a more efficient and faster way to invoice and get paidall on their phone. Jody and her company have been strong proponents in advancing Roger forward by providing input as Roger continues to grow and adopt new features.  

Jody considers Scoular a great partner for her company.

“Every single week we have guaranteed work from Scoular,” she said. “When you know you have a customer like Scoular that needs you every week, my trucking company will never run out of work.”


Some of Sedona Trucking's rigs

Jody still drives occasionally and enjoys the freedom of the open road and the rural beauty she sees out the windshield. She also loves the camaraderie with other drivers.

But she spends most of her time managing her company.

She joined the trucking industry about 20 years ago as a professional driver. Her dad, as a side business to his farming operation, owned a truck and Jody hauled loads for him, and met Darren Crouch, her husband.

After about a year in that role, she became office manager for a trucking company, and gained strong experience on the management side of the industry.

She and Darren started their own company in 2007 with only two trucks they owned. Darren and his uncle drove their trucks. Growth came quickly, and at times they have had as many as 25 trucks working for them.


Women are key players in the trucking industry

Women make up a relatively small percentage of over-the-road drivers nationally, about 10 percent, but that’s up from 3 percent about 15 years ago, according to the Women in Trucking Association.

The percentage of women in management roles in the industry is about 25 percent, and is also growing.

Ellen Voie, president and CEO of Women in Trucking, said the industry is realizing that women, contrary to stereotypes, make safe drivers. Women also display strong teamwork, which is essential in the industry. Women also transition well into management roles in the industry, she said.

“The industry sees the value,” she said. “I’ve seen a huge change in attitude.”

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Darren Antrim

Darren Antrim

Trade Unit Manager