Canola MVP Producer Program

Fuel your future.

There’s never been a better time to grow winter canola in the Central Plains. Through Scoular’s Canola MVP™ program, you can get growing today with resources, reassurance and revenue potential. 



Competitive prices & soaring demand

Competitive prices for canola today are expected to become even bigger returns in the future, with demand for renewable fuels on the rise.

Hardy seed varieties & agronomy support

Our university partnerships give program participants access to agronomists who can advise on seed varieties for improved hardiness and yield potential.


Improved soil health & wheat yield

A wheat-canola rotation can increase profitability, in addition to helping with weed management and soil health.

Why we're invested in canola

Market demand for vegetable oil is soaring

Demand for renewable fuels is surging because of consumer choice and federal regulation— canola has a very high oil content, and according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, capacity to refine renewable diesel will be 5 billion gallons by 2025.

Winter canola is a reliable crop for the Central Plains

Winter canola is a great alternative crop to add to your rotation. In Southwestern Kansas and Central Oklahoma, winter canola has reliably high yields. A canola rotation also helps with weed management, improves soil health and leaves your seedbed fertile for double cropping the following harvest. 

Growing canola can increase your overall revenue

Canola on its own is price-competitive against wheat. After you factor in that wheat planted after canola is reliably higher quality and has better yields, the numbers really start to add up. A wheat-canola rotation can increase profitability up to 20% more than a continuous wheat rotation. 

Scoular is invested in canola for the long haul

Scoular converted a facility in Goodland, Kansas—a substantial investment—into a dual oilseed plant that will crush canola and soybeans. That creates demand for 400,000 acres of canola planted in Southwestern Kansas and Central Oklahoma. Scoular is partnered with Kansas State and Oklahoma State University agronomists to help you achieve the best yields possible. These agronomists can advise you on seed varieties and offer personal advice for growing canola on your land. 

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