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Animal & Specialty Protein Pet Food Ingredients

Protein is an essential nutrient that helps promote strong muscles and provides energy to pets. Our high-quality, nutritious animal protein ingredients are essential for a balanced pet food recipe. Created to deliver high protein and high digestibility, these ingredients are also suitable for hypo-allergenic diets.

Highly Digestible Animal Proteins

When it comes to the quality of your pet food, the digestibility plays a major role. Our nutrient-packed animal proteins can help nourish a healthy digestive system in pets when included in your pet food recipe.

Animal & Specialty Protein Products

From animal protein meals to broths and stocks, our animal protein pet food ingredients are sourced from a variety of animals to obtain the exact proteins needed in your unique pet food recipe.

Available Products


Clam Crab
Lobster Organic Beef
Organic Chicken Organic Turkey
Shrimp Seafood


Chicken Duck
Goose Guinea Fowl
Lamb Ostrich
Pork Poultry
Rabbit Venison
Wild Boar  


Chicken Chicken Liver
Duck Egg


Meeting the Needs of Pet Food Manufacturers

Our experts take pride in providing high-quality, functional animal protein ingredients to add to your pet food mix. For more information about our animal and specialty protein products, contact our team today.

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