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Hooker Equity Exchange and Scoular Partner on New Grain Handling Facility

OMAHA, NE (April 29, 2015) – Farmers in the Oklahoma Panhandle and southwestern Kansas will soon have a new competitive destination for their grain. Plans are underway to construct a grain-handling facility, thanks to a joint project by Hooker Equity Exchange and The Scoular Company.

The site is on 30-acres located 11 miles north of Guymon, Okla. The new facility will be operated by Hooker Equity Exchange.


  • Groundbreaking to begin immediately. “We are pleased that construction will begin right away,” said John Van Meter, Hooker Equity Exchange General Manager. “Having this new location is just one more way we can meet the needs of the local producers.”
  • Grain delivery accepted by harvest time. “We anticipate being able to accept grain by September,” stated Van Meter.
  • Immediate contracting. Farmers may contract grain now for fall 2015. The number to call is (580) 652-2432.

    New Facility Advantages

  • Quick unloading. Van Meter noted that the facility’s unloading speeds will get farmers in and out quickly.
  • Convenient location. Farmers in the region will have access to a grain handling site closer to their fields.
  • Competitive grain market. “Customers will receive the same level of service we’ve always provided,” stated Van Meter. “That includes timely, accurate information about the market and access to competitive marketing opportunities.”

“With this new convenient location and our quick unloading speeds, farmers in the Oklahoma Panhandle and southwestern Kansas will be back to the fields faster during harvest.”
– John Van Meter, Hooker Equity Exchange General Manager

MAPPING THE FUTURE: The new facility, operated by Hooker Equity, will be conveniently located off of Hwy 7/Hwy 23, one mile West of Hwy 136. The site is 16 miles west of the existing Hooker Equity location in Hooker, Okla.

“We’ve worked with Hooker Equity Exchange for many years, and we’re pleased to partner in such a way that allows both of us to grow our separate businesses,” said Lucas Price, Scoular’s Senior Business Manager who oversees the company’s trading activity in the area.

Farmers should make their plans now for fall 2015 delivery. Producers interested in contracting grain may contact John Van Meter at (580) 652-2432.

About Hooker Equity Exchange

An agricultural Cooperative established in 1915 to provide a place for local farmers to take their grain and buy crop supplies, Hooker Equity Exchange has since become a full-service Coop providing service to the agricultural and general community. Hooker Equity Exchange offers everything from fuel to a wide range of feed, as well as fertilizer and chemicals for crops, along with the ability to apply them, and the facilities to get crops out of the field quickly.

About Scoular

A 123-year-old company with more than $6 billion in sales, The Scoular Company operates 90 independent business units that provide diverse supply chain solutions for end-users and suppliers of grain, feed ingredients, and food ingredients around the globe. From nearly 90 offices and facilities in North and South America, our 750+ employees are engaged in the business of buying, selling, storing, and handling grain and ingredients as well as managing transportation and logistics worldwide.

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