Scoular and Vireol Exclusive Partners at Hopewell, Va. Ethanol Facility

OMAHA, NE (April 22, 2014) – The Scoular Company and Vireol Bio-Industries, LLC are pleased to announce their exclusive partnership at the revitalized ethanol plant in Hopewell, Va. Scoular will procure all the corn, operate the grain facility, and market the distillers grain. The ethanol portion of the facility will be operated by Vireol.

Vireol purchased the ethanol plant in January 2013 and completed significant renovations. Corn grinding at the 63-million-gallon plant is scheduled to begin in mid-April 2014. Once the plant is operating at full capacity, Vireol anticipates using 22 million bushels of corn annually. “We are very pleased to put down roots here in Hopewell,” said Peter McGenity, CEO of Vireol. “The revitalization of the plant, partnership with Scoular, and dedication of the 70 local employees will contribute to our long-term success.”

Scoular has been operating the grain facility portion of the Hopewell plant since August 2013 and is already buying corn for the ethanol operation. The facility is capable of unloading 75-car unit trains on the Norfolk Southern Railway. “The plant will be a consistent, competitive source of demand for corn, creating a great opportunity for Virginia farmers as well as shippers of corn on the Norfolk Southern Railway,” stated Doug Grennan, Senior Group Manager at Scoular.

“We are pleased to offer a new competitive market for grain on the Norfolk Southern railroad and look forward to expanding Scoular’s relationship with a number of its shippers,” said Grennan. “The Hopewell operation joins Scoular’s North American grain marketing network of more than 70 offices and facilities throughout North and South America.”

Scoular, as an exclusive Vireol plant partner, will also be offering dried distillers grain (DDG), a co-product of corn-based ethanol production, to dairies and poultry operations in the area. The DDG produced is approximately 90 percent dry matter and 10 percent moisture. Since DDG commonly is priced against corn, the product is an attractive, lower-cost feed alternative. Scoular will also be exporting containers of DDG to overseas markets.

“Scoular’s experience and long history in grain facility operation, feedstock procurement, and distillers grain marketing make our Hopewell partnership a winning combination for Scoular, Vireol, farmers, and other grain suppliers,” said McGenity.

Individuals interested in selling grain may contact Scoular at 804-668-0031.

About The Scoular Company
The Scoular Company manages commodity supply-chain risk for customers in growing segments of food, feed and renewable fuel markets. From more than 70 locations across North and South America, over 700 Scoular employees tailor risk-management solutions for their customers by buying, selling, storing, and transporting grain and ingredients. This is accomplished using an integrated network of owned, managed and third-party facilities coupled with substantial truck, rail, barge, and container freight commitments. All of Scoular’s marketing programs are designed to serve supplier or end-use customers with Scoular managing as many pieces of the supply chain as is feasible.

About Vireol Bio Energy LLC
Vireol Bio Energy operates a state of the art, multi-feedstock bioethanol plant in Hopewell, Virginia. The plant has capacity to produce up to 63 million gallons of bioethanol a year. Once produced, the bioethanol will then be blended with gasoline to help meet US renewable energy targets, while producing high protein animal feed (DDG) as a co-product.

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