About Scoular's food ingredient team

Scoular's Food Ingredient Group brings high-quality food and supplement ingredients direct from nature to leading health supplement and food manufacturers.

Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the Food Ingredients group minimizes supply-chain risk for our customers through a quality, sustainable supply, as well as transparency in sourcing. Our focus is on supporting innovation in the nutritional community by ensuring the highest quality and a consistent supply of our non-GMO, traceable, and cGMP-certified botanical extracts, proteins, sweeteners, and marine omega-3 ingredients.

Count on Scoular People. . . to deliver Nutrition Through Ingredients.

Joe Andrus

Joe Andrus

Director of Scoular’s Food Ingredients Group

Joe manages Scoular’s nutritional groups: Food Ingredients, Pet Food Ingredients, and Co-Manufacturing Services. The teams work together to manage a complex supply chain seamlessly and deliver products and services to vendors, manufacturers, and customers. Joe also helps the Food Ingredients Team identify and invest in as many opportunities as possible.

Brian Hansen

Brian Hansen

Senior Business Unit Manager

Brian is the business unit manager for the food ingredients group at Scoular. He is responsible for the profitability and strategic direction of the group. Brian works with the team to ensure that Scoular delivers both quality and value for customers and vendors. In addition, he and the team develop value-added product offerings for the food, supplement, and nutrition markets.

Nate Meyers

Nate Meyer

Supply Chain Manager

Nate manages the supply chain for the Food Ingredients Group, ensuring Scoular has the right product, at the right quality, in the right place, at the right time so customers get exactly what they need in terms of service and quality with every shipment. He achieves this by working with manufacturers, global logistics partners, consultants, and testing laboratories, managing every step in the supply chain from production, to quality verification, regulatory compliance, and delivery.

Elana Schwartz

Elana Schwartz

Sales Manager

Elana manages the sales of food ingredients for the Food Ingredients Group at Scoular. By working with the team to manage risk, supply, and quality, Elana also helps food companies do what they do best – produce safe, tasty, healthy foods for consumer enjoyment. In addition, she helps develop new market solutions by researching trends and analyzing customer feedback. As an expert on vegetable protein and the non-GMO/organic sector, Elana is available to answer customer questions on these topics.

Maggie Harding

Sales Manager

Maggie covers sales in the foods sector. Utilizing her food science knowledge with the supply chain expertise of the team, she supports food companies in new product development, continuous improvement, and consistency of supply. Maggie also helps analyze market trends to ensure Scoular’s ingredient solutions are just what our customers need.


Paul Silbernick

Sales Manager

Paul’s focus is on sales into the supplement and nutrition market. Paul calls upon his extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry to help his customers navigate the ever changing regulatory demands that are placed on them. Working to reduce risk, manage supply chains, and bring value to build strong business relationships, Paul has a strong drive to ensure all levels of business thrive over the long term.

Zen-Zi Wong

Technical Product Manager

Applying her Food Science background, Zen-Zi brings technical, quality, and food safety support to the sales team, customers, and suppliers. By understanding the technical nature and food safety risk of our ingredients, she utilizes that knowledge to answer customer questions, develop specifications, mitigate risk, drive product improvements, and identify new markets and applications for our ingredients.


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