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Partially replace sugar and fat in formulations with polydextrose while maintaining creaminess and the "feel" of the product when consumed. As a branched polymer of glucose, it is resistant to digestion and absorption by the body.

Functionally, polydextrose has a high water solubility (80% at 25°C) and temperature stability (up to 200°C). These properties allow it to moderate stress and protect texture during freezing, thawing, baking, and frying. 

Polydextrose acts as a humectant for baked goods, and a cryoprotectant for frozen meat products (e.g., fish sticks or chicken fingers). Plus, by inhibiting moisture migration, polydextrose prolongs shelf life. It can also be used as a texturizer to maintain the crispiness of fried foods and the crunchiness of cereals and snack foods. It promotes adhesion of flavor coatings to snack foods (e.g., chips, pretzels, and crackers).

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