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Business Overview

Founded in 1999 as a business of Scoular, TSC partners with over 24 steamship lines worldwide, and currently has access to thousands of trade lanes in our existing contracts.


TSC serves two types of Full Container Load (FCL) customers: 1) those who want competitive container rates, and 2) those who want to outsource documentation. Our goal is to make our customers’ lives easier by solving their specific challenges.


TSC partners with steamship lines who know good business is built on more than just a transaction. Together we take the time and resources to create an innovative solution to freight challenges. TSC seeks out business partners who, like us, are committed to creating value for the customer.

Customer Service

TSC employees are highly motivated and customer-service-oriented individuals. We understand that our service is key to our customers’ success. Door-to-door or port-to-port, our commitment to outstanding customer service remains the same.


  • Continue to grow our market share of FCL export traffic.
  • Add new third-party logistics services to bring more value to our customers.
  • Maintain the strength of relationships with the carriers.
  • Continue to grow our portfolio of services.