6 ways we bring food innovation to life

February 16, 2023

We strive to provide safe, reliable and innovative solutions for the food industry. Here are six ways we are bringing food innovation to life.

Access to cutting-edge ingredients


Food manufacturers are consumer-driven, paying close attention to consumer needs and preferenceslike clean label, nutrition, indulgence, convenience and moreand creating products that address themScoular helps you source modern ingredients that can advance the function, flavor and texture of these products to exceed consumer expectations.

Our exclusive functional chickpea flour provides a great example. It can replace eggs in bakery applications because of its gelling, emulsifying, and foaming attributes. Food companies are seeking effective egg-replacement solutions like this new ingredient because of a combination of consumers’ growing desire to have an alternative to animal-based products along with egg prices nearly doubling over the last two years.

Leveraging R&D for customization


Our in-house research and development team and robust supplier network provide unique and effective solutions—from concept and application benchtop testing to commercialization.  Just think of us as an extension to your own R&D team. Check out this video story to hear firsthand how we partnered with our customer to create a new soy protein isolate with significant cost savings.

Collaboration & partnership


The food industry is becoming increasingly collaborative, with companies partnering with startups, tech, and other companies to bring new products to the market. At Scoular, we combine the services and credibility of a multi-billion-dollar global business with the innovative solutions of a savvy food ingredient partner that maintains strict food safety and quality standards

Our partnership with Nepra Foods is a great example of Scoular boosting our gluten-free product development capabilities With our enhanced application expertise, we collaborated with a strategic supplier to develop a new functional, cost-effective, cleanlabel ingredient for distribution. 

Embracing plant-based


To support future growth of the plant-based category, the industry will need to diversify product mix and suppliers must meet that demand by offering a variety of plant-based ingredients to fuel new formulation developmentScoular offers various non-GMO and organic plant-based proteins, from soy and chickpea to mung bean and fava bean, suitable for a range of applications. Each delivers specific texture or flavor attributes that could compliment alternative protein product formulation needs.  

Supply chain prowess


Scoular provides logistical expertise and a robust supplier network coupled with scale and connections that consistently delivers next-gen solutions. One example: Fast delivery with a short lead time was a requirement to win a customer’s business in the Pacific Northwest. So we had to find a way to shorten the customer’s supply chain and deliver the speed and flexibility they required. We moved quickly, bringing containers directly to strategically located ports and qualified a best-in-class, third-party warehouse location less than 15 miles from the customer. Now they receive weekly deliveries with a onetotwoday lead time. 

Our people


Curiosity drives our culture. It is the root of our creativity, innovation and flexibility. We seek deep understanding of markets and consumers’ unique needs. With our customer-first mindset we were at the leading edge to identify and develop textured pea protein and advanced our meat and meat alternative application knowledge through R&D, creating various dynamic format options.  


Scoular is primed to be at the forefront of new innovations.  

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Picture of Brian Hansen

Brian Hansen

General Manager, Food Innovation