Scoular's new employee resource group focuses on diversity and inclusion

June 2, 2021

Scoular has formed a new employee resource group called Scoular Proud Ally Network (SPAN). 

While there are a number of definitions for the terms “ally” and “allyship,” at its most basic form, an ally is a person who actively promotes the culture of inclusion through intentional actions that benefit all. Everyone has the ability to be an ally, and SPAN will focus on supporting employees in the workplace to be effective allies. 

David Tomlinson, Scoular’s Chief Information Officer, will serve as executive sponsor. 

“We’re excited about this new step Scoular is taking in our commitment to diversity and inclusion,” Tomlinson said. “We want D&I to be front and center at Scoular, and there is support at all levels of our company for doing so.”

SPAN will kick off with events in June focused on the celebration of Pride and Juneteenth. SPAN joins Scoular’s other employee resource group, Scoular Women Influencing Culture. 


Learn more about our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Jennifer Deitloff

Jennifer Deitloff

Chief Diversity Officer