Livestock Feeding & Feed Manufacturing


What We Do

We source quality whole grains and feed ingredients for use in animal feed, including dairy, beef, swine and poultry rations. We also manage price risk of grain and feed ingredients.

How We Do It Best

Network of Facilities, Offices & Partnerships

We operate an extensive network of grain-handling facilities, merchandising offices and joint venture or other handling agreements throughout North America.


We’re in the market 365 days a year, offering contracts for delivery from spot to several months or sometimes years forward.

Risk Management

We protect feeders and feed mill operating margins and reduce earnings volatility through risk management programs.


We are experts in merchandising a wide range of whole grains and co-products. We find the best markets for our processor customers’ products and locate the best source and combination of ingredients for our feeder or feed mill customers.

  • Grains & Oilseeds
  • Corn
  • Wheat
  • Barley
  • Rye
  • Flax
  • Lentils
  • Field peas
  • Canola
  • Soybeans


  • Vegetable proteins
  • Citrus pulp
  • Distillers grains
  • Hominy feed
  • Wheat mill feed
  • Whole cottonseed

Transportation & Storage

We work with transportation providers and utilize our fleet of jumbo hoppers to move products efficiently within and between markets. And we utilize a network of transloaders and storage facilities to capitalize on market discrepancies and to ensure uninterrupted supplies for our customers.

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