Renewable Fuels


What We Do

We play two distinct roles in the renewable fuels market:

  • Service provider of risk management, grain origination, logistics and transportation, renewable fuel, and distillers grain marketing
  • Investor in plants strategic to our businesses

How We Do It Best

Service Provider to Ethanol Plants

We will customize a package of services to help our plant partners achieve their margin objectives. From grain origination to price risk management to renewable fuel & distillers grain marketing, Scoular provides the right services to achieve each plant’s unique business potential.

Grain Origination

  • Supply assurance and just-in-time inventory solutions
  • Managed logistics
  • Coordination of origination programs with risk management strategies

Risk Management

  • Information and procedures to help create risk management policies
  • Plant margin protection through management of input costs
  • Disaster protection
  • Transfer of price risk
  • Reduction in earnings volatility
  • Pricing alternatives to meet origination needs within chosen risk profile

Distillers Grains Marketing

  • Access to existing relationships with feeders
  • Efficient utilization of truck freight
  • Established railroad relationships
  • Consolidated commodity management and bookkeeping

Plant Investment

As a financial partner, Scoular provides financial strength and stability resulting from Scoular’s firm commitment to agriculture since its establishment in 1892. Presently, Scoular has invested in ethanol projects in Colorado and Kansas and is open to investing in other plants in strategically-located markets.

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