Five ways to thank a farmer

Oct. 10, 2022

To celebrate National Farmer’s Day on October 12, we’re saluting the farmers of today and tomorrow who work hard year-round to provide a safe and reliable food supply to the world. 

While only 2 percent of our population are farmers, their contribution to the economy extends well beyond the food they grow for us to eat.  

In 2019, 22.2 million full- and part-time jobs were related to the agricultural and food sectors—nearly 11 percent of total U.S. employment.

Agriculture, food, and related industries contributed over $1 trillion to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP), according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). The most essential part of a global agricultural supply chain, farmers keep many industries, from trucking to pet food to fisheries, thriving.

5 ways to celebrate National Farmer’s Day

One of the most important aspects of farming is cultivating lasting relationships, which is at the core of Scoular’s commitment to farm families and communitiesScoular has a long history of growing with farmers every day, and it’s important to also celebrate them collectively on National Farmer’s Day.

Here are five ways to celebrate National Farmer’s Day:

Thank a farmer

Thank farmers for their hard work to protect our food supply and power our nation. Share kind words and appreciation via a card or on social media. Scoular in Tribune, Kansas, is collaborating with a local coffee shop to buy farmers a cup of coffee on National Farmer’s Day. Look for posts from Scoular on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter to see how we thank a farmer on #nationalfarmersday.  

Support youth agricultural organizations

Support the next generation of young farmers to help ensure agricultures future. Organizations like the National FFA Organization and 4-H emphasize the lasting impact of agricultural production through young people. Many Scoular facilities donate time and money to these organizations locally by participating in Ag in the Classroom events and youth livestock auctions. 

Buy local

Purchasing produce and products made with farmer’s crops at a local market is a great way to say thanks. October is the perfect time to visit a pumpkin patch or apple orchard to support local and surroundingarea farmers. The Scoular Foundation has partnered with the Women’s Center for Advancement in Omaha to help local women buy fresh produce at the Omaha Farmer’s Market. 

Learn about agriculture

Learn more about local agriculture to help make informed decisions, in turn helping farmers in your area and across the country. Take the time to learn about methods of production, government programs, and laws regarding farming. Also, visit a local farm or ranch for some additional knowledge on how food gets from the field to your plate. Scoular merchandisers regularly participate in meetings, webinars and conferences to supplement their conversations with producers regarding agriculture advocacy and learning. 

Remember farmers year-round

National Farmer’s Day is not the only day to remember farmers. Their dedication goes beyond the harvest season and feeds the world. On this day, we take time to reflect on what we can do throughout the year to support farmers. 

To our farmers, thank you for keeping the world thriving and putting your trust in Scoular. Your commitment helps us create safe, reliable, and innovative agricultural supply chain solutions. We look forward to continuing to cultivate lasting relationships and show our commitment to farm families and communities.

Learn more about Scoular’s services for farmers.

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