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Scoular Employees, Foundation Donate Over $60,000 to Haitian Relief Effort

February 8, 2010

OMAHA, NE – The Scoular Foundation recently donated a total of $61,940 through its matching gift program to support four key disaster relief organizations in Haiti. The matching gift program was established after many Scoular employees expressed a heartfelt desire to help the people of Haiti who are experiencing a humanitarian crisis of a magnitude that few people have witnessed in their lifetimes.

“I am glad to see The Scoular Foundation take an active role in this disaster. I love how the Foundation comes alongside employees who are donating their time and money to make a difference, both in Haiti and in our local communities, said Marc Paulson, a Scoular employee who offices in Overland Park, KS. The success of this effort is a reminder that ‘Count on Scoular People’ is more than just a tagline, it is part of our culture.”

David Faith, President of The Scoular Company, agreed with Paulson. “While the news accounts of the pain and suffering of the Haitian people can be nearly unbearable, I am very proud to be associated with a company that chose to make a difference when it was needed the most,” said Faith.

In the interest of getting relief dollars where they are most critically needed and doing so as quickly as possible, The Scoular Foundation selected four organizations with a long-time, feet-on-the-street presence in Haiti. Catholic Relief Services, the American Red Cross, The Salvation Army and World Vision all have existing staff and infrastructure in Haiti to get water, food, medicine and other critical assistance and supplies where they are most needed.