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Scoular Increases Grain Handling Capacity in Western Nebraska

November 29, 2012

New Two Million Bushel Building Constructed at Company’s North Grant Site

OMAHA, NE (November 29, 2012) – The Scoular Company is pleased to announce the construction of a two million bushel storage building in Perkins County, Nebraska.  The new building is located between the cities of Grant and Ogallala at Scoular’s existing site known locally as “North Grant”.

Scoular will use the new building to augment its current operation, doubling the North Grant site’s storage and unloading capacity to a respective four million bushels and 50,000 bushels per hour.  “We’re pleased to further invest in our Nebraska operations to better serve the needs of area corn and wheat farmers and to meet the growing needs of our procurement program for area corn users and for our substantial shuttle train program in Venango,” said Rick Matousek, General Manager of a group of Scoular’s western Nebraska facilities.

According to Matousek, the most important feature of the new building is its unloading speed.  “Both of our buildings at North Grant will be able to unload at 25,000 bushels per hour, which means we will be able to dump a lot of grain in a relatively short amount of time.  This is key to our farmer customers, particularly during harvest when they have better things to do than sit in line.”

Founded in Nebraska in 1892, Scoular has a substantial presence in the state.  The company’s headquarters is located in Omaha and Scoular operates 17 grain-handling facilities throughout the state, including its Venango group managed by Matousek and Madrid group led by Ty Knispel.   As a whole, the 120-year old, employee-owned company has more than 70 offices and facilities across North America.  Nearly 700 Scoular employees tailor risk-management solutions for the company’s customers by buying, selling, storing, and transporting grain and ingredients for use in feed, food, and renewable fuel markets worldwide.