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Natural source d-alpha tocopherol oil, or RRR-d-alpha tocopherol, is a natural source form of Vitamin E derived from edible vegetable oils. It is used as a source of Vitamin E in food and in dietary supplement applications such as softgel encapsulations. The acetate form of Vitamin E provides better long term stability where exposure to light or oxygen may be a concern, and the powder acetate form is used in tableting. The succinate form is widely used as a source of Vitamin E in dietary supplement applications such as tableting. 

Natural source d-alpha tocopherol is different from synthetic Vitamin E. Since synthetic Vitamin E is produced by chemical reactions from petrochemicals, it contains reaction products (stereoisomers) not normally found in nature. Stereoisomers are molecules that only differ in the orientation of their atoms, and, in certain cases, can make molecules less bioavailable to the human body. For this reason, natural source Vitamin E contains two times the Vitamin E activity of synthetic Vitamin E on an equivalent weight basis. 


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  • Mixed tocopherol oil 50%**

  • Mixed tocopherol oil 70%**

  • Mixed tocopherol oil 90%**

  • Mixed tocopherol powder 30%**

  • Mixed tocopherol oil 70%**

  • Vitamin E 1000IU**

  • Vitamin E 1100IU**

  • Vitamin E 1200IU**

  • Vitamin E 1300IU**

  • Vitamin E Acetate oil 1100IU

  • Vitamin E Acetate oil 1200IU

  • Vitamin E Acetate powder 700IU

  • Vitamin E Succinate powder 1185IU**

  • Vitamin E Succinate powder 1210IU**

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